What Is CBD?

CBD is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in Cannabis or Hemp.

These cannabinoids play different roles in the medicinal or recreational experience of cannabis.

CBD, in particular, is a non-psychoactive compound with a number of medical applications many of which are being applied and researched.

Most notably, CBD has been said to have an effect on many conditions, including epilepsy. Users have noted a number of other benefits such as anti-inflammation, nausea reduction, sleep aid, help with mental disorders, and more. Unfortunately these claims have lacked sufficient research due to it’s prohibition. We believe CBD can be an effective wellness product for users ranging from heavy daily use for medical conditions to occasional use for pain or relaxation. We encourage you to try these products for yourself and see how they can fit into improving your life.

Why Pure CBD Exchange?

Pure CBD Exchange is a CBD revolution.

We have seen the promise of this product, and we are passionate that it needs to be made available to users at more reasonable prices at a higher standard of quality. Our products are CO2 extracted in professional laboratories and our crops are grown naturally to provide the absolute highest standard of safety and quality.

We use quality ingredients and never allow for the presence of solvents in our products. Through our partnerships with CBD producers in the United States only, we are able to bring a better product to you at lower prices than rest of the market. Our products carry a certificate of analysis in order to verify their purity and legality as industrial hemp-derived products.

We also provide support and consultation for our patients, and we actively seek out epileptic children whose lives CBD can improve. We are genuinely devoted to providing a trustworthy and affordable source for medicine that can greatly improve the quality those individuals who use it.