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What Can CBD Do for You?

As the cannabis legalization movement rolls along, you have probably since heard about one of its’ most popular cannabinoids, CBD. With coverage from networks like CNN, 60 Minutes, Forbes, and more, it has been a hard topic to miss. All over the country, people are experiencing CBD, but per usual, our federal government is behind. The question remains, what does CBD actually do for you?

What does the FDA say?

Many claims have been made over time about the possible benefits of CBD. Some have been tested more than others, but there is still a lapse in actual FDA verified studies that prove or disprove these certain claims about the benefits of CBD. While the reason for this lack of research is debatable, whether it be the interests of pharmaceutical companies or just plain old marijuana stigma, CBD companies are still unable to make concrete claims about what CBD does to our bodies and our minds. It’s a fundamental issue amongst our society when unsubstantiated stigmas about a plant begin stifle a discussion about sick people and possible medications that could heal them or make their lives easier.

What we do know

What we do know, is that there are a lot of people experimenting with CBD and seeing results throughout several regions in the world. This may be considering anecdotal evidence, but we’ll leave the determination up to you We know that our bodies contain an endocannabinoid system made up of cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system. Our bodies are fundamentally wired to interact with these types of cannabinoids.

Regarding anecdotal evidence from personal tests and experiments, Pure CBD Exchange has heard some truly game-changing applications with regards to epilepsy, cancer cell reduction/remission, pain or inflammation, sleep aid, anxiety reduction, and more. From my own personal experience, I have had success using CBD topicals for pain. I’ve also gotten some of the best sleep of my life CBD oils and tinctures, and the euphoric sensation I feel from isolate

The most convincing case for CBD

I have to say, though, the most convincing case for CBD has been seen in epileptic individuals, largely in children. It should be kept in mind though the majority of these trials are still being conducted by families desperate to improve the lives of their children, rather than something that institutions like the FDA or DEA are sponsoring (or paying attention to). We have repeatedly heard stories of children having several seizures daily who are essentially non-functioning due to the damage done by these seizures. When introduced to CBD in sizable doses, these children have been able to reduce seizures to only a few per month. You can find more examples of the effectiveness of CBD in treating epileptic seizures here and here.

When discussing suffering in children, there is no time for bureaucratic hurdles in passing legislation. For too long we have seen our slow moving government contradict itself, take their time passing bills, and ignore the experiences of individuals whose lives have been transformed by a non-psychoactive, naturally occurring compound. Remember, this is something found in other plants as well. As a population, we have to be mobilized in sharing what we know about CBD and asserting to our leaders a need for action. If an opiate epidemic, suffering children, and a slew of health complications aren’t motivation enough, what will be? It’s time to open up this conversation and contact our representative officials.

Pioneering lifestyle products

Companies like Pure CBD Exchange are pioneering the idea that CBD is more than just a product for people with severe issues like cancer and epilepsy.

CBD is a lifestyle product.

CBD is a wellness product that, if incorporated into your life on a regular basis, can lead to general improvements in sleep, appetite, relaxation, pain management, and mood. Most importantly, CBD can also serve as a preventative measure for issues like cancer.

If research shows us that there Regular and affordable access to CBD is a new thing. With permissions pertaining to industrial hemp set out, there is now a new and growing market for legalized CBD products throughout the country. Online platforms like Pure CBD Exchange are making CBD readily available for a manageable price.

This is what the CBD market has been waiting for.

CBD is developing into a lifestyle in the same way the cannabis has existed for decades. Similar in their medicinal effects, CBD has less legal restriction due to the lack of intoxication and therefore is able to legally serve a larger market across America. CBD has been repeatedly noted as the more medicinal side of the cannabis plant and now that it is being isolated into more potent quantities, we can see medical benefits increase while intoxication reduces. Not everyone wants to get high, and even smokers know that there is a time to be clear minded. For some, this lifestyle will exist by itself, and for how large of a role can it play in improving my life.